Ellen Degenerate EP

by Bones Hamilton

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"If I Am A Rib", A Poem by Castle

Thank you so much for the writing, Cas. It almost couldn't have been more fitting.

There's not much to be explained about this short EP. I realized I had some songs about the various forms of treatment against women in American society so I decided to make them more of a reality than just words on paper. I don't intend for them to speak volumes about anything as, sadly, everything I say or think here is said constantly every day by men and women alike. I just had some ways of saying these things and figured I'd put them out. Because, let's be honest, women are fucking important to everything. That's all I'll say about that. So here you go. I hope you enjoy this.

The ideas here are:

"Green Thumbs": a song for my mother. raising three boys the best she could (amazingly well, I might add) in spite of anyone or anything telling her she may be doing it wrong or not to a certain standard. always the outlaw, that one

"She's Not Coming Home": really just a song about a woman asserting her independence in the face of a "need" to be in love or relationship. more or less from a perspective of a male counterpart needing to be with her, but knowing she can do as she pleases.

"Cat Calling": kind of directed at women in various lines of work. the ideas here being one, a dancer of sorts, and the other, an important figure in some big name company. they're being women and being just fucking alive even in the midst of man telling her what she should or shouldn't be doing with her time. because she has that power. to be her own woman in this "man's world". just a big "I don't give a shit" to all those men.


released March 6, 2016



all rights reserved


Bones Hamilton South Carolina

truck stop friendly jazz

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Track Name: She's Not Coming Home (She's A Woman Of Her Own)
I could be your boyfriend and you
could pretend to know who I am
But I think at this point it’s not worth much more than a damn
going down on all the hopes mama had for you
going down on all the pretty boys too
with the salty walk about town
and soggy fingerprints on the ground

oh she fucked like seventeen
but loved like it wouldn't ever mean a thing

All the city boys and little old you
Would all like to love but just don’t know with who
Keeping track and watching the door
Oh lord you don't work at midnight anymore
You take it as you please
You take it at your speed

Oooooh they're walkin right up her alley
Singing "come on home, come on, down to the valley"

She keep her watch on a silver string
so she won't ever lose track of timing

oh she fucked like seventeen
but loved like it wouldn't ever mean a thing
She knows, she knows that people come and go
She knows, and knows well she can make it on her own
Track Name: Green Thumbs Can Come In Different Shades
She wraps them up nice and neat
Before she sends them out on the street
Specially delivery, packaged with care for ya
One white rose, one carnation, and a little red dahlia

They say "it's hard to run a business, in times like these"

The florist got tulips in bloom
The florist got two lips stay glued

She don't keep them in no pretty cases
Makes sure they don't have wilted faces

They say, "sorry for no business, got a better garden at home"

The florist got tulips in bloom
The florist got two lips stay glued

She does her job and takes care of her work
She knows better than to do it any other way
Cause nobody wants a flower covered in dirt

they say, what could be worse
Track Name: Getting Cat Called But Screening All Her Calls
Burning twenty dollar bills any chance you can
Cause every girls crazy bout a sharp dressed man
But no ones eyes are set on you they're all dried up on the lady in blue

And she sings

"Hey, man! Put your dollar back down
Ain't nobody calling except your wife back in town
Cadillac honey and a pretty gold ring
I'm not one of your affordable things"

There's workers hungry on the street
Calling the compensation hot line for something to eat
But the stray cat slinking down the alley high heels on her feet
She has a room of investors to meet

And she sings

"Hey, man! I've got calls to make
Make an appointment with my office if you'd like fries with your shake
mergers and money to be made
I've got no time for calls I've got to get paid"