Troubled Doors EP

by Bones Hamilton

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This is Troubled Doors. Not a "debut" but an introduction. Take a few minutes to dive head first into the mind of Bones. Get comfortable. Mingle around with some thought processes. Mostly, just enjoy the raw, simple recordings of these songs. Walking around and toying with the reality of existential crises and coping with that in itself. Get to know me.

This isn't much, but it is something. I just hope that you'll take something from it. Maybe it'll go somewhere and I can do more for myself and for you. Let's make a thing of it. Let's get together. Let's fellowship. Let's just fucking live.

I also want to take up some of this space to thank everyone who has pushed me into furthering my writing and simultaneously given me the confidence to make all of this the start to a reality. You all know who you are and I can't thank you sweet little babies enough for making me do this.

All songs written, arranged, recorded, performed, and Oxford comma'd by Bones Hamilton


released October 31, 2015



all rights reserved


Bones Hamilton South Carolina

truck stop friendly jazz

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Track Name: Who Needs Friends When You've Got Enemies Like Me
my second dog is taking too long
my second dog won't sing no good songs
i'm calling newspapers i'm throwing my phone
he's my best friend but he's just got to go

well you can sleep inside
you can leave the television on
you can run and hide
but you just can't leave me alone

don't ask me questions don't look at me wrong
don't make me threaten to find you a new home
you're not the first and you just won't be the last
i've left my lovers behind in the past

well you can sleep outside
you can drown in the sand
you can follow my words
even though you don't understand

i'd throw you a bone but you just can't lend a hand
i wish you knew what i was telling to you man
i'd chase your tail for you if you could
love me when i need you to
Track Name: A Matter Of Mattering At All
oh lucifer son of the morning
i'm not waking up until noon
boy i'm giving you warning
i don't wanna catch no sight of you

oh death, fingers sharp and cold
don't come for me too soon
boy i'm not quite that old
i don't wanna catch no sight of you

and i'm making up my dying bed
but it's not time to sleep just yet
and there's more to be i bet
but i won't cross that bridge until i'm dead

oh jesus son of god herself
sing hosannah, praises be
boy i appreciate the help
i see you shining but it's too bright for me

and they're waiting for me to get into bed
but i won't sleep, no, i won't sleep until i'm dead
Track Name: Heaven And Hell And A Wishing Well
a million ways to die, a million ways to live
a million hours tired and something's gotta give
why am i alive and ready for home
ready for the light to take me on

take me on, take me on
ran out of pennies for the wishing well

didn't matter where, didn't matter when
only mattered if you'd be coming back again
the man in black is singing me low
i reckon now it's time for me to go

take me on, take me on
my love is coming home in a long black veil

but nothing ever seemed so real
as when i lead myself to feel
and nothing ever felt like it did
when i was a little kid
these days i never really know
if that's just the way it goes

a hundred ways to heaven, a million ways to hell
which one's gonna get me, it's too hard to tell
but for either one or both it's a difficult sell
Track Name: Down To The River On Bended Knee
i lost my faith and needed a place to pray
so i danced inside her temple to wash my sins away

and i say

oh mary take me down
down to the river to get me clean
oh mary bring me down
make a believer out of me

now don't paint my face with your black and grey
just let me sleep all the devils away
her hairs falling down to her knees
she don't wanna fuck, she wanna make love with me

and she say

lay me at the river
in the tall grassy fields
down in the meadow
underneath the sword and shield

oh mary leave me be
down in the river i'm still unclean
don't say that i missed ya
it's better if i leave you be

now i'm facing up to my sin
i'm afraid god won't let me in
the devil's creeping while i'm sleeping
i'm afraid this might be my end
Track Name: On The Edge Of Judgement Day (Demo)
come to find out things are killing me
i got a bloody right hand and a broken knee
too many people coming after me

i guess i'm gonna go out
gonna go out to the sea
gonna go out to the sea

stole a man's wallet just to watch him cry
he turned around and shot me just to watch me die
too few breaths to even try to sigh

i guess i'm gonna go now
gonna go now to the grave
gonna go now to the grave

so many different ways just to be
i gotta figure out how to be free
so i'm taking my life
so i'm taking my life in a different direction

the judge let me out on a bit of parole
plenty of time for to save my soul
too many thoughts and too few goals

i guess i'm gonna go down
gonna go down to the sea
gonna go down to the sea